Are you using Hand Sanitiser properly?

The correct use of hand sanitiser is so important as if not used correctly it can leave individuals inadequately protected.

Hands are used every day for many different tasks and as a result of contact with other people, equipment, or surroundings they can become contaminated. Hands are therefore frequent carriers in the spread of a wide variety of germs, some of which could cause infection.

Hands may look clean, but germs not visible to the human eye, are always present. Cleaning the hands to remove these germs will help to prevent them from being transferred to others. This means that effective hand hygiene plays an important role in infection prevention and control in reducing the risk of infection.

Hand sanitiser is a quick and convenient alternative to hand washing for already physically clean hands which are not visibly contaminated with dirt or organic material, especially when soap and water for hand washing is not readily available.

When using hand sanitiser:

  • Hands should be free of visible dirt
  • Enough hand sanitiser should be used to completely cover all the surfaces of each hand
  • The hands should be rubbed together until the solution has evaporated

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