How to ensure employees feel safe when returning to the workplace

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, the majority of office workers were instructed to work from home for what was originally thought to be a few weeks but has now turned into more than a year.

Now vaccination rates are increasing, employers are looking at a post-pandemic future, some wanting everyone back in the office every day, some continuing with remote working and others somewhere in between – working in the office some of the time. If your workplace decides going back into the office is required, it is important that all employees feel as safe and comfortable as possible going into this transition.

Dr Divya Singh, MD, a psychiatrist at Banner Behavioural Health Hospital shares some tips on how to ease your return to work:

  • Talk to your colleagues – no one knows your situation better than the people who share it
  • Know what is required before your return – your workplace might require you to wear masks, social distance, conduct temperature checks, and follow certain cleaning and disinfection processes

The Medichief Workplace Sanitising Kit is a handy ‘grab and go’ sanitising kit for employees that are going back into the office or those mobile team members who may be working on other company’s sites.  Each kit contains everything an individual may need to feel safe and protected from the spread of infection. Having a Workplace Sanitising kit available to everyone as well as ensuring there are hand sanitising stations around the building will help prevent infection and ensure compliance for employee safety.

Medichief supplies a range of Hand Hygiene products and Infection Control equipment suitable for healthcare, commercial and personal use.  Our products set the standard for those who are seeking competitively priced, superior quality, approved infection control equipment.  For further information contact us on 01572 772659 or email us at

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