Medichief 1 Litre Elbow Soap Dispenser

Wall-mounted dispenser with elbow operation for high-risk environments

  • Suitable for use with liquid soap and handwash
  • Elbow operation for environments where touchpoints are to be minimised
  • Tamper-proof locking system
  • Slimline design to blend into any environment
  • 1.1ml dosage volume to ensure controlled usage
  • Easy refilling process with key locked mounting system
  • 1 Litre storage tank to service high demand environments
  • Soap level ‘QuickView’ window for speedy refill process

Model: MDE1000W

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Wall-mounted dispenser with elbow operation for high-risk environments.

This sleek wall-mounted soap dispenser is designed to fit into any environment and provide a robust, tamper-proof solution for hand cleaning. Constructed from rigid ABS plastic, it is designed for repetitive use.

The dispenser has a manual ‘push button’ operation, with a button designed to enable dispensing using an elbow instead of a hand. This is especially suited to environments where touchpoints are to be minimised.

Thanks to its unique anti-tamper design, the dispenser can easily be refilled and maintained. The container is mounted and secured in place beneath a key-locked cover that secures to the wall-mounting bracket.

Cleaning and maintenance is made easy with the patented ‘Simple-Clean’ system. With instructions provided, the cleaning process for this dispenser is effective and efficient, maximising the product life and reducing maintenance time.

The dispenser also has a ‘QuickView’ window to help speed up maintenance. The level of the soap in the storage container can be quickly determined and refilled if needed, saving wasted time opening the dispenser to check.

Model: MDE1000W

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