The essential sanitisation products every workplace should have

As the lockdown eases and a return to the workplace becomes more likely, companies and self-employed individuals alike are having to come up with ways to keep their employees, visitors, patients, and themselves safe. 

Medichief has a range of effective sanitisation products for helping to keep people safe from infection: 

Image of hand sanitiser Gel 5L bottle, with standards stamp.

Medichief Hand Sanitiser Gel is an effective 70% ethanol formulation to clean, care and protect the hands.  It is fast drying, produced in the UK and Conforms to BSEN 1500:2013 and BSEN 1276:2009.  It is available in a 5 litre bottle as well as handy 250ml and 500ml containers. 

The Medichief Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Station has secure, lockable storage for 25L (5 x 5L containers) of Hand Sanitiser.  Its robust, compact and eye-catching design make it ideal for high traffic areas such as reception areas and all types of building entrance points in Care Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Retail Stores, Shopping and Leisure Centres, Museums and Libraries and workplaces, including factories, warehouses and offices. 

It is easy to assemble, wipeable and easy to keep clean and simple to refill or change containers of hand sanitiser.  The height of hand gel dispenser ensures ease of use by children and adults alike.   

You can learn more about the Hand Sanitiser Station by viewing our video on the Medichief YouTube channel here 

The Medichief Workplace Sanitising Kit is the easy way to keep safe wherever you are working.  This all-in-one ‘grab and go’ sanitising kit has everything needed to keep you and your workspace clean and sanitised. It is ideal for those working in or visiting sites and remote locations regularly including offices, factories, warehouses and a must-have for technicians and contractors.  

It contains dry wipes, Medichief Surface Sanitiser, disposable gloves (25 pairs), Hand Sanitising Gel, pocket tissues,  clean room tape, sealable plastic bags, sanitised status labels and a marker pen, all in a tough plastic bucket with a tamper-proof, resealable lid. 

Watch our new Workplace Sanitising Kit video on the Medichief YouTube channel here 

Medichief supplies a range of Hand Hygiene products and Infection Control equipment suitable for healthcare, commercial and personal use.  Our products set the standard for those who are seeking competitively priced, superior quality, approved infection control equipment.  For further information contact us on 01572 772659 or email us at  

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