What is Allantoin and why is it in Medichief SoftCleanse™?

The use of hand sanitiser products has become an essential part of daily life.

However, not all sanitisers are created equal, and you may well be fed up with using poor quality ones which contain ingredients that are great at killing germs but are not great for the health of your skin. After regular use, you find that your skin is drying and then starts to crack and blister. This is because of the high alcohol content, which significantly dehydrates skin and strips away naturally occurring skin oils. Researchers have also found that cracked skin is a key contributor to transmission of disease.

This is where MediChief SoftCleanse™ with added Aloe Vera and Allantoin, comes in.  A high-quality sanitiser gel containing skin softener or moisturiser and pH balancer is key in avoiding any possible longer-term skin damage.  

Most of us know that Aloe Vera has great restorative properties, perfect for soothing damaged skin and healing burns. However, you may not have heard of Allantoin, the secret ingredient in many well-recognised skincare products.

Allantoin is found in extracts of the Comfrey plant and it has naturally occurring and sought after properties that are valuable in all skin care routines. For most of today’s applications it is created synthetically, enabling greater volumes to be manufactured in its purest form. When applied to skin, these are some of the benefits:

  • Regeneration of skin cells.  This is an important method your body uses to keep skin smooth and unbroken. Allantoin stimulates this process, meaning your skin is restored and repaired more quickly. With Allantoin, skin cells grow and multiply at a faster rate meaning that cuts, grazes, or cracks are healed faster.
  • Moisturising is a key part of keeping your skin healthy, and all the more so when using sanitisers to clean skin. The cleaning products in sanitisers strip moisture but as Allantoin is a uniquely effective emollient, it will keep your skin from becoming dry and cracked in harsh conditions.
  • Soothing qualities due to Allantoin’s unique anti-irritant properties, relieve soreness caused by chemicals and toxins that come into contact with your hands. Its soothing properties work in much the same way as Aloe Vera, by calming inflamed skin and causing sensitive skin to become robust, decreasing irritation in the future.
  • Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and increases growth, keeping your skin fresh and supple. Allantoin is a keratolytic, softening the keratin in dry skin, resulting in healthy soft skin over against an unwanted build-up of rough dry skin on your hands. This promotes new, healthy skin growth, meaning that your hands are smooth and a lot less likely to crack.

This is why Allantoin is so effective and why every bottle of Medichief SoftCleanse™ comes with Allantoin as standard. So, our advice when purchasing a hand sanitiser product, is to take a good look at the label or datasheet to ensure you are buying a high-quality gel, which will not only keep hands sanitised but also well protected from any damage too. 

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