Why choose Medichief SoftCleanse for your hands?

As the need to use hand sanitiser regularly is set to continue for some time yet, it is all the more important to ensure whenever possible that the products we use don’t harm our hands.   Keeping hands hydrated, moisturised and sanitised is just what the Medichief Softcleanse™ range has been designed for!

Medichief SoftCleanse™ hand sanitiser gel is an instantly effective, quick-drying gel which sanitises hands without needing soap or water. Its unique, skin-kind formula leaves hands clean, sanitised, and refreshed, with no sticky residue.

SoftCleanse™ hand sanitiser is formulated from a unique, skin friendly blend of 68% alcohol and biocides combined with aloe vera and allantoin extracts. These powerful ingredients work together to moisturise and condition the skin, helping to prevent the dry, cracked hands often associated with using other alcohol gels and rubs.

As we explained in our previous blog ‘Why using some hand sanitiser products may affect your skin’                    it is important to use alcohol based products because of their amazing ability to stop bacteria in its tracks. It is all too easy to pick up or use a hand sanitiser product with no knowledge of whether its alcohol content is high enough to be effective or how it will affect your skin.

The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention advise that a 60-95% alcohol concentration is necessary for an effective hand sanitiser, while the World Health Organisation recommends 70%. With 68% alcohol content, Medichief Softcleanse™ is effective yet also has the very real benefits of  leaving your hands feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Users of Medichief SoftCleanse™ Hand Sanitiser Gel have commented on its qualities:

“Feels like a quality product on your hands, the dispenser delivers a decent quantity, and it perfectly fits in my cup holder in the car. Everything I was looking for.”

“ I love the product. It’s the perfect consistency for being a gel – not too runny and not too thick. It’s an ideal size to fit in your car and very easy to use”.

“Doesn’t kill your hands either.”

Conforming to rigorous European standards for bactericidal and fungicidal characteristics, as well as dermatologically tested, Medichief SoftCleanse™ Hand Sanitising Gel can be trusted to protect you while caring for your hands every single day.  The product is available in a range of sizes, from a handy 50ml bottle right up to a 5 litre container.

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